wo komme ich hier? wo gehe ich hin? und was ist das ueberhaupt für eine ideologische einstellung?

your scored -2.5 on moral order and -1.5 on moral rules.

the following categories best match your score (multiple responses are possible):

1. system: liberalism
2. ideology: capital democratism
3. party: democratic party
4. presidents: john f kennedy
5. 04′ election: john kerry
6. 08′ election: john edwards

of the 426,261 respondents (2,519 on facebook):

1. 8% are close to you.
2. 37% are more conservative.
3. 7% are more liberal.
4. 24% are more socialist.
5. 32% are more authoritarian.

(via freunde der offenen gesellschaft)

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