… an den landungsbrücken

i just want to say, that hamburg is an awesome city. i spent my first weekend near/at this beautiful harbour-town. we went to the famous millerntor and the soon to become famous grüner jäger (which is german for gröna jägeren, but doesn’t share the concept of the bar in södermalm). jan wigger was the dj of the night and he did a good job (quite similar to five other dj’s from konstanz PLUS one who moved to berlin a few month ago, but … anyway)
there will be some more lines and pictures on that.
as you might noticed, i took a short brake from „blogging“. i’m not lacking of ideas, but after changing the layout i also thought about changing some other things as well. there might be a little summary at the weekend and in english, but i can’t promise anything. (sorry, m)
anything else?! i’m a bit drunk right now (sounds and actually feels like „a bit pregnant“ *g*)… that’s another way of a „sommermärchen“, indeed it’s my third sequal of erasmus (remember: „erasmus ist liebe“) and „liebe“ is definitely one of the main bricks in the wall of hamburg.

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